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Robertson's Hams

Robertson's Smoked Ham
Robertson's Smoked Ham Quantity in Basket: None
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For a tasty treat that you will long remember, we invite you to try a Robertson's Old Fashioned Sugar Cured Hickory Smoked Ham. Robertson's Hams are hand-rubbed with sugar cure and smoked with genuine green hickory for days and days until they are just right for the finest eatin' ever. Robertson's Hams are not tenderized or anything fancy, just honest-to-goodness cured-smoked hams. The kind that taste like ham used to before folks got in such a hurry. It's that slow smokin' over low hickory embers and that hand-rubbed sugar-curin' that gives that sweet-smoked taste... either fried, broiled or baked. Weights for this item varies. Final price is calculated at $5.50 per pound.