IH 35 Exit 285  1420 N. Robertson Rd. Salado  TX 76571
Robertson's Hams
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Code Name Price    
ROBmh1 Robertson's Smoked 1/2 Ham $45.00
ROBmw2 Robertson's Smoked Ham $77.00
SWTbcs Andrew's Cashew Brittle-8oz Bag $6.95
SWTbsf Andrew's Suger-Free Peanut Brittle-8oz Bag $6.95
FIXmbi Beaver Coney Island Hot Dog Mustard-13oz $5.95
FIXmbra Beaver Cranberry Mustard-13oz $5.95
FIXmbh Beaver Honey Mustard Mayo-12oz $5.95
FIXmbs Beaver Sweet & Hot Mustard-13oz $5.95
CHBpau Choppin' Block Apple Butter-10.5oz $4.95
CHBpac Choppin' Block Apple Cinnamon Jelly-10.5oz $4.95
CHBpat Choppin' Block Apricot Jam-10.5oz $4.95
CHBpbk Choppin' Block Blackberry Jam-10.5oz $4.95
CHBpbb Choppin' Block Blueberry Preserve-10.5oz $4.95
CHBpbs Choppin' Block Boysenberry Jam-10.5oz $4.95
CHBpch Choppin' Block Cherry Preserve-10.5oz $4.95